‘Sparkling Punjab’ sheer poetry in pictures

Coffee table book on Punjabi culture launched

Specttrum News: A coffee table book “Sparkling Punjab” by Vijay Singal and Atul Bhardwaj was launched at Chandigarh Press Club. In the book the writers have described the beauty of Punjabi history and culture through the medium of poems and beautiful pictures. Both the authors believe that Punjab is a pilgrimage through the length and breadth of this sacred land, which has been blessed by the rishi-munis and the great gurus.

Addressing a press conference Vijay Singal, the co-author of ‘Sparkling Punjab’ said, “Punjab had always attracted people from all walks of life. People from abroad are always fascinated by Punjab for its warm culture, religion and food. I have captured those feelings in the book. The book has phrases and poems that talk in depth about the rich history of Sufi singers, poets, rulers and other influential people, who emerged from this land.”

Singal, an engineer by training and a bureaucrat by profession has written extensively on the relationship of man with man and also with his Creator. Mind management and soul awareness is the major theme of all his works. Punjab is a land where ancient wisdom is stated to have been codified in the form of Rig Veda. It is the sacred land where Lord Krishna expounded the basic philosophy of life in the battle field of Mahabharata. It is from here that Baba Nanak delivered his divine message of one God and oneness of mankind.

Atul Bhardwaj, a Delhi based author and photographer, is highly regarded in the journalistic fraternity. His first illustrated book “Ganga: A Divinity In Flow” (2008) was a masterpiece. ‘Sparkling Punjab’ is sheer poetry in pictures. He said, “Punjab is not merely a piece of land, a group of people or a set of customs. It is rather a glorious chapter in the great epic of Indian civilisation. It has a long and illustrious history of more than five thousand years. Punjab grew out of a consciousness of the honourable in life and Punjabiat is a sentiment of pride in the lifestyle that is Punjabi. We felt that such a vast land that encompasses in itself an era should be introduced to the word through this book.”

The authors have tried to explore different aspects such as social conditions, religious beliefs, economic progress of this blessed land. Uniqueness of a beautiful culture has been brought out nicely in simple words and through marvelous pictures. The book has described so succinctly the sweetness of melodious songs, simplicity of music and vigoursness of irresistible dances of Punjab. It has succeeded in capturing alive the vigour, vitality and vivacity of a common Punjabi. The forward of the book is written by Dharmendra. The book costs Rs 3600/- only.

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